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Sign Live


British Deaf Sport Heritage


1st: Scorpio Buildings Contractors www.scorpiobuilders.com 2nd: Sign Live
3rd: British Deaf Sport Heritage www.britishdeafsports.weebly.com

Andrew Rees Danielle Joyce James Clarke
1st Place: Andrew Rees 2nd Place: Danielle Joyce 3rd Place: James Clarke
Voted for a person, this prestigious award will be given to the participating sportsman or woman whose actions have most captured our imaginations during 2015/2016. Gain a vote ie Working hard, making a commitment, a good personality, individual achievement and greatest impression. 

Andrew's quote: "Firstly, it was an honour for me to get nominated for this award and I really didn't expect to win this award because there were so many fantastic people up for the award this year. I guess my swim have captured the public's imagination. The build up for the channel swim and the swim itself were very tough physically and mentally and I want to give a massive thank you to my wonderful support team as each individual contributed in their own way to ensure that I was ready for the channel swim. I also want to thank everyone who voted for me. I hope that I've inspired all those sportspeople that achieving the impossible is possible"


Danielle's quote: "I'm really honoured to have won second place! I didn't even think I'd finish in the top three never mind runner up as the competition was so fierce and there were so many amazing achievements from everyone. Andrew deserved to win as what he achieved was a once in a lifetime achievement and a heroic thing to do. Congratulations to everyone and I hope everyone had as good a night as I did."


James's quote: "Getting 3rd place out of 6 finalists following hundreds of nominations is quite a remarkable achievement.  I felt it's so vital to be recognised as a Deaf-blind Runner within the Deaf Sport community."



DSPY 2016  

British Deaf Association

Martin Bogard
Sponsored by British Deaf Association




Winner 2016: Martin Bogard
This is a special award honouring someone who has made a major impact on the world of sport in his or her lifetime.
Martin's quote: "When I actually realised that I have won the Lifetime achievement award, I was so surprised and overwhelmed by the announcement. I felt so honoured and proud. I hope my greatest achievement will be a good role model for others to follow my footsteps in various sports to develop their sports abilities to the highest level"


DSPY 2016  

Cambridge Deaf Association

Fiona Southwell
Sponsored by Cambridgeshire Deaf Association www.cambsdeaf.org




Winner 2016: Fiona Southwell
This will be awarded to the Deaf or Hearing coach who has made the biggest impact in Deaf sports during 2015/2016.
Fiona's quote: "What keeps me motivated as a coach is the quest for breaking new boundaries within individuals. Winning this award has certainly proved that it is possible to achieve! It is not the Channel we conquer but the ability to conquer oneself. Being part of helping someone accomplish this is a very powerful and special thing."


DSPY 2016   Remark! England Deaf Golf Team


Sponsored by Remark www.remark.uk.com




Winner 2016: England Deaf Golf Team
This award is for the UK Home Nations or Great Britain team which has achieved the most notable performance in Deaf/Mainstream sports during 2015/16.
England Deaf Golf Team's quote: "We as a Team worked hard to win and play fair like many in other sports. Winning the award was an icing of a cake after two years of success in golf"


DSPY 2016   National Deaf Children Society Esah Hayat
Sponsored by National Deaf Children Society www.ndcs.org.uk




Winner 2016: Esah Hayat
This will be awarded to the outstanding young sportsperson aged 18 or under during 31st Dec 2015 & 2016.
Esah's quote: "Thank you very much for voting me for the deaf sports personality awards. I feel very excited and I would like to thank my coaches and everyone who are part of my tennis life"


DSPY 2016   UK Deaf Sport Fulham DFC
Sponsored by UK Deaf Sports www.ukdeafsport.org.uk




Winner 2016: Fulham DFC
This award will be given to the foreign sportsman, woman or a team who has made the greatest impression in the world of sport during 2015/2016.
Fulham DFC's quote: "We are humbled and honoured to be nominated let alone win the sport club of the year. We are very happy as sport club is vital to dear community. We thank everyone again for their support!"


DSPY 2016   MykaSoft Limited Tereza Kmochova
Sponsored by MykaSoft Limited




Winner 2016: Tereza Kmochova
This award will be given to the foreign sportsman, woman or a team who has made the greatest impression in the world of sport during 2015/2016.
Tereza's quote: "I just want to say that I appreciate the award very much! I feel very honoured and happy. But also I am truly sorry that I could not attend the evening personally... I want to thank to everyone who nominated and voted for me. It means a lot to me! There is a saying in Czech: 'Do not fall asleep on one's laurels', so the award motivates me to work even harder on me. Of course, getting to such position has been a lifetime hard
work for me and for my parents who put a lot of effort, time, emotions, wrinkles and their own money into my ski racing so it is a great reward for them too. So mum, dad and my whole family - thanks for the support and fun!"


DSPY 2016   Royal Association for Deaf people James Townsend
Sponsored by Royal Association for Deaf People www.royaldeaf.org.uk




Winner 2016: James Townsend
This award recognises those who selflessly devote their voluntarily time with no financial reward and efforts to enabling others to play and enjoy sport during 2015/2016.
James's quote: "I was pleasantly surprised and really pleased to receive this award.   I didn't expect to feel so honoured.  Now it's a few days later, I've had the chance to reflect and am proud of myself for working so hard to support James Clarke in achieving his 100 medal challenge, and it felt awesome that James Clarke took third place in Deaf Sports Personality of the Year.  I can't express enough how happy I am to see my award at home every day. Thank you to DSPY for all their hard work to make Deaf Sport so special, and I hope it continues for many years to come"