Main Awards


  • This process begins on Monday 7th March 2016 and ends no later than 11.59pm on Friday 16th September 2016.

  • For Lifetime Achievement Award only, the process ends no later than 11.59pm on Friday 15th July 2016. 

  • Nomination is restricted to UK residents.

  • By the term of "Deaf athletes", this is regardless of their specific hearing loss as long as it meets the regulations of their specific sport body they are involved with. 

  • Athletes are nominated from any age and from any Deaf/Mainstream sports in the UK that is affiliated to the Deaf/Mainstream Sports.

  • Citizen and resident athletes are those who participate in Deaf/Mainstream Sports for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Great Britain. 

  • Each nomination will require a brief summary (at least 300 words) on the athlete's achievement and merit.

  • Any Deaf athletes or Trustees who have a Code of Conduct or similar on their terms, will be allowed to be nominated by the external community.

  • DSPY will collate the nomination forms and pass them onto the six Judges. 

  • DSPY will announce the names of contenders in alphabetical order and not in any order of preference on Wednesday 12th October 2016. 

Category Awards

For Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Award 


The judges will decide on the six deserving athletes to be shortlisted


The six shortlisted athletes and their profiles will be shown on DSPY website one month before the DSPY Awards.


There will be a short montage clip on each shortlisted athlete along with their voting number using interactive electronic keypad voting system.  The vote will open after showing the 6th shortlisted athlete's montage clip and will close half hour before DSPY Award. 


The winner, runner up and third place DSPY will be based on judges vote and public vote on the night of DSPY Awards.  This will be overseen by an independent adjudicator. 


DSPY reserves the right to disqualify votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent, excessive or suspicious patterns of voting have occurred or if it considers there has been any attempt to rig the voting. 

For Lifetime Achievement Award 

The nomination forms will be collated and the judges will decide on the most deserving athlete to win this precious Award with the winner announcing on the night of DSPY Awards.  

For Overseas Sports of the Year Award

Overseas athletes are those that represent their country overseas including Northern Ireland athletes representing Ireland.

For Coach of the Year Award,
Team of the Year Award,
Young Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Award,
Sports Club of the Year Award and
Unsung Hero Award

The judges will decide the three most deserving athletes for each award.  The three shortlisted athletes will be shown on our DSPY website one month before DSPY Awards.  The winner will be decided by the judges vote and public voting on the night of DSPY Awards.

Who will be the judges? What will the judges do?


  • DSPY will select three women and three men as six neutral judges from Northern Ireland, North of England, Midlands, South of England, Scotland and Wales for every Awards ceremony. 

  • DSPY will not announce who the judges during the nomination process.

  • All nominations will be collated from the public, leading up to the deadline and must be kept in confidential between six neutral judges.  DSPY do not want any leaks to the public that could affect judge's decision-making. 

  • Each nomination will require a brief summary (at least 300 words) on the athlete's achievement and merit.  This will enable the six judges to make a reasonable and fair judgement in selecting the most deserving athletes for a specific award. 

  • If the judge(s) are themselves in the shortlist or nominated athletes or become Trustee(s) in the sports organisation, DSPY will request the judge(s) to step down to avoid any conflict of interest. 

  • DSPY will announce the names of judges at DSPY Awards after they complete their verdicts for all awards.