Many thanks for taking the time to vote online. A large number of nominations were submitted which were presented to the judges. The panel of judges representing the South, the Midlands, the North of England, Scotland and Wales have agreed on the names to make the final shortlist in each category for the DSPY2010 Awards.


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Winner: Sponsored by Managing Partners Limited, Second: Sponsored by Unitron UK and Third: Sponsored by Deaf Parenting UK.
Voted for a person, this prestigious award will be given to the participating sportsman or woman whose actions have most captured our imaginations during 2011/2012. Gain a vote ie Working hard, making a commitment, a good personality, individual achievement and greatest impression.


1st: Umesh Valjee (47%) - Sponsored by Silent Bubbles -
2nd: Mike Burns - Sponsored by Unitron -
3rd: Matthew Gilbert - Sponsored by Bee Communications -


Umesh Valjee - "For me personally, it's the biggest honour and such a privilege for me to receive this award and be recognised as the Deaf Sports Personality of the Year.  It is an honour to represent my country in the England Deaf cricket team, where I hope to inspire the next deaf generation, so that they will strive to get to the highest levels in whichever sport they choose.  I congratulate Richard and the DSPY team for all their hard work in the promotion of deaf sports and making the event such a huge success."

Mike Burris - "I'm absolutely chuffed to bits to even be here, let alone pick up a prize, so I couldn't have contribute without tremendous support from my family and also my key members, so thank you very much."

Matt Gilbert - "Obviously rugby is a team sport so it is not just about my own individual performances but everyone around me that helped me achieve everything I have achieved in the sport. Obviously I must thank my parents and my parents in law and my wife who support me everywhere I go, and allow me to follow my dreams. Thank you very much."


TEAM OF THE YEAR: St John's DFC - Sponsored by SignVideo -
This will be awarded to the UK team (more than ONE player in a team) which has achieved the most notable performance in Deaf/Mainstream sports during 2011/2012. (Audience Opinion:- GB Deaf Tennis: 45%)


St John's DFC - "Literally lost for words and nothing can beat the feeling when received the DSPY award in front of hundreds deaf people & high profile guests! A truly magical evening for St Johns DFC! Lastly we were in awe when Dame Kelly Holmes and Dame Danni Grey-Thompson gave us a welcome speech in BSL on the screen. We couldn't have had anyone better speaking to us. It's not something which will come around every year and it is one we want to enjoy being part of."


DSPY 2010
DSPY 2012
DSPY 2012
Belfast Deaf Football Club

Won the Double British Deaf Football Cup after beating Everton in 2011 and St John’s DFC in 2011.

Great Britain Deaf Tennis Team

Ended the 12th European Deaf Tennis Championships with 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze.

St John's Deaf Football Club

Won English Deaf Challenge Cup 2011, Deaf Champions League in 2011 & 2012.

OVERSEAS SPORTS PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Laurentia Tan (Singapore) - Sponsored by Silent Bubbles -
This award will be given to the foreign sportsman, woman or a team who has made the greatest impression in the world of sport during 2011/2012.
(Audience Opinion:- Laurentia Tan: 64%)


Laurentia Tan - "I am honored that so many of you voted for me and my horse Ruben James as i would not have achieved the Paralympic medals without him!  It is also thanks to my team, my coaches, my family, my friends, my supporters for believing in me!  ...I often say that dressage is not just about the partnership between the horse and rider; like in any sport, it is also the people working with them and supporting them." It is thanks to their encouragement, for everything they have taught me."

DSPY 2010
DSPY 2012
DSPY 2012
Germany Women Tennis Team

Won Dresse & Maere Cup Final beating Spain in 2011 then winning all Gold medals at the European Deaf Tennis Championships 2012.

Laurentia Tan (Equestrain)

Won equestrian silver and bronze medals for Singapore at the 2012 Paralympics.

Turkey Deaf Football Team

Won their first World Cup after beating Egypt in front of their home supporters in Summer 2012.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Bob Denning - Sponsored by Signamic -
This will be awarded to the Deaf or Hearing coach who has made the biggest impact in Deaf sports during 2011/2012.
(Audience Opinion:- Memnos Costi: 53%)


Bob Denning - "I am proud to have been recognised for my work with the England Deaf Cricket Team. My role as Head Coach is to move the team, players and support staff forwards and our Focus is now on success in South Africa in 2013."

DSPY 2010
DSPY 2012
DSPY 2012
Bob Denning (Cricket)

has inspired the English Deaf cricket team to higher levels of performance.

Memnos Costi (Football)

Coached St John’s DFC to three successive Deaf Champions League victories beating elite European teams in 2011 & 2012. St John's Youth won the English Deaf Football League in 2011.

Reggie Dornan (Football)

Coached Belfast DFC to win the British Deaf Cup in 2011 & 2012.

YOUNG PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Jack Hodgson - Sponsored by NDCS -
This will be awarded to the outstanding young sportsperson aged 18 or under during 31st Dec 2011 & 2012.
(Audience Opinion:- Bethany Brookes: 40%)


Jack Hodgson - "I have been training really hard on my Judo and I just hope to keep trying really hard and aim for Rio 2014."

DSPY 2010
DSPY 2012
DSPY 2012
Bethany Brookes (Tennis)

Won the National Tennis Championships in 2011 and won the European Junior Girls Singles Final in 2012

Jack Hodgson (Judo)

Represents both Nottingham County and England at Judo, is ranked at No. 3 in the UK.  Won the gold medal (Cadet +100kg) for the Commonwealth Judo Championships and Nottingham Open Championships in 2012.

Jack McComish (Swimming)

Won bronze medal for 1,500m freestyle Open at the European Deaf Swimming Championship 2011.  Won seven Gold medals at the National Deaf Swimming Championships in 2012.


LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Phillip Gardner - Sponsored by  Remark -
This is a special award honouring someone who has made a major impact on the world of sport in his or her lifetime.


Phillip Gardner - "I was just looking forward to coming here tonight, just with you all, and -- wow. You know, I just thought I would be coming here to watch the awards. I never id to receive one myself, and a lifetime achievement award, just to let you know I'm not finished yet. Right. I'm halfway through my speech. Let me just sum up. I just think that, you know, it is really -- there is a lot more people here who are more worthy than me. I can see faces out here knew, and certainly you are in my notebook. It is just such an honour to receive this award and really to receive it from you as well, it is just an honour too. Thank you. Thank you all. I dedicate this to my friends, to all of you. I really cannot live without sport and thank you all. Thank you."


UNSUNG HERO: Teddy Webb - Sponsored by Coventry Council -
This award recognises those who selflessly devote their voluntarily time with no financial reward and efforts to enabling others to play and enjoy sport during 2011/2012. (Audience Opinion: Teddy Webb: 46%)

DSPY 2010
DSPY 2012
DSPY 2012
Carl Morris

Has done lots of fundraising for charities by playing pool.

Jessica Hyde

Organising paperwork, washing kit for the GB Men Football team at 6am during the European Deaf Football Championships in Denmark.

Teddy Webb

Travelled miles to superstores and raised money from local shoppers pouring odd change coins into canisters.

FAN OF THE YEAR: James Clarke - Sponsored by PPVote -
This is a special award for outstanding fan who always attend the Deaf/Mainstream sports and efforts to build a morale for the teams & fans during 2011/2012. (Audience Opinion: Faye Routledge: 45%)


James Clarke - "I just have to say, 2012 has been such a beautiful year. I mean, first of all, Her Majesty's diamond Jubilee, what a party that was for everyone and it was great to go and see that, and there were so many things to see, even me, you know, with ushers, I still managed to see so much and enjoy and take part in so much of it and it was just a brilliant atmosphere, and this is my sign for para limb particulars and also to attend that, and I still really feel I have got post-Olympic blues but this has really lifted my spirits tonight,-ing to the awards."

Faye Routledge
DSPY 2012
DSPY 2012
Faye Routledge

It's not just about turing up top support GB Football in Denmark, Faye was like Gabby Logan on the radio. She commentated on GB matches via Facebook.

James Clarke

Has been a good fan supporting other Torch-bearers, both Deaf and Hearing by visiting eight other torchbearer events in the UK.

Radha & Seeta Manjeshwar

Two sisters made an effort by face-painting the GB flag on their faces for London Olympics 2012.  They were shocked that no-one else made an effort like they did.


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