Deaf Sports Personality of the Year - Voted for a person, this prestigious award will be given to the participating sportsman or woman whose actions have most captured our imaginations every two years. Gain a vote ie Working hard, making a commitment, a good personality, individual achievement and greatest impression.

2010 - Rajeev Bagga (Badminton)


2012 - Umesh Valjee (Cricket)


2014 - Donna Cross (Football, Golf & Squash)

Rajeev Bagga Umesh Valjee Donna Cross  
  2010 2012 2014  


Lifetime Achievement - This is a special award honouring someone who has made a major impact on the world of sport in his or her lifetime.

2010 - Chris Gwynn (Football)


2012 - Phillip Gardner (Chess)


2014 - Gerry Hughes (Sailing)

Chris Gwynn Phillip Gardner Gerry Hughes  
  2010 2012 2014  


Team of the Year - This will be awarded to the UK team (more than ONE player in a team) which has achieved the most notable performance in Deaf/Mainstream sports.

2010 - Anthony Sinclair & Catherine Fletcher (Tennis)


2012 - St Johns Deaf Football Club


2014 - Doncaster Deaf Trust Football Club

Anthony Sinclair and Catherine Fletcher St Johns Deaf Football Club Doncaster Deaf Trust Football Club  
  2010 2012 2014  


Coach of the Year - This will be awarded to the Deaf or Hearing coach who has made the biggest impact in Deaf sports.

2010 - Roanna Simmons (Football)


2012 - Bob Denning (Cricket)


2014 - Spencer Stevenson (Football)

Roanna Simmons Bob Denning Spencer Stevenson  
  2010 2012 2014  


Overseas Sport of the Year Award - This award will be given to the foreign sportsman, woman or a team who has made the greatest impression in the world of sport.

2010 - Terence Parkins (Swimming)


2012 - Laurenetia Tan (Equestrian)


2014 - Derrick Coleman (NFL Football)

Terence Parkin Laurentina Tan Derrick Coleman  
  2010 2012 2014  


Young Deaf Sports Personality of the Year - This will be awarded to the outstanding young sportsperson aged 18 or under.

2010 - Hannah Fitton (Swimming)


2012 - Jack Hodgson (Judo)


2014 - Danielle Joyce (Swimming)

Hannah Fitton Jack Hodgson Danielle Joyce  
  2010 2012 2014  


Unsung Hero Award - This award recognises those who selflessly devote their voluntarily time with no financial reward and efforts to enabling others to play and enjoy sport.

2010 - Derek Simmons (UK Deaf Sports)


2012 - Teddy Webb (British Deaf Sports)


2014 - Quest III Team (Sailing)

Derek Simmons Teddy Webb Quest III  
  2010 2012 2014  


Fan of the Year Award - This is a special award for outstanding fan who always attend the Deaf/Mainstream sports and efforts to build a morale for the teams & fans.

2010 - Marcella Stratton (Football)


2012 - James Clarke (London Olympics)


2014 - Annie Straw (Deaflympics)

Marcella Stratton James Clarke Annie Straw  
  2010 2012 2014