Deaf Sports Leader – Betty Shrine

  • Participated athletes and won a gold medal for 4 x 100m relay in London 1935
  • Played tennis for the World Deaf Games in Stockholm 1939
  • Deceased 14th March 2006


  • Ran Bucks Border Deaf Sports Association for many years
  • Organised a historic sporting event in Australia
  • Played a pivotal role in Luton Deaf Football Club that won several major trophies
  • Worked tirelessly combining Secretarial roles for Eastern Deaf Sports and British Deaf Sports
  • Created a BDSH Sports Museum at Canvey Island
  • Raised several thousand pounds towards worthy sport causes
  • Took the GB curling team to the World Championships in Banff, Canada, winning a historic bronze
  • Founded the Four Nations Deaf Bowls
Deaf Sports Personality of the Year to help deaf athletes get the recognition they deserve!
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