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Sports Hall of Fame News
After several years of research into deaf sports history, British Deaf Sports Heritage (BDSH) has great pleasure in launching the BDSH Sports Hall of Fame.

The aim is to recognise better the great sportsmen/sportswomen who have graced British deaf sport over the years; we do not wish to see them go unnoticed.

In whilst there will be awards categories such as exceptional athletes for all kinds of sports, sports leaders and writers, special recognition awards, Deaflympics Gold Medallists will automatically be included in the BDSH Hall of Fame.
A sports panel has been set up and several names have been nominated.

We do not wish to see such sporting greats overlooked so we shall in due be inviting the deaf sports community to nominate such names.

BDSH have been boosted by the welcome partnership of Deaf Sports Personality of the Year (DSPY) who will help reach the wider sporting audience and also acclaim the sporting legends.

This is a most exciting project and this should bring back happy sporting memories!
Deaf Sports Personality of the Year to help deaf athletes get the recognition they deserve!
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