Zara Musker won the 2022 Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Award

Zara Musker won the 2022 Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Award

Deaf Sports Personality of the Year (DSPY) would like to thank you for your support of the 7th DSPY2022 Awards Night which were held at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday 1st July 2023.

It was impossible for us to meet all of you and to converse on the day!

However we wished to say that without the support of people like you, DSPY would not be able to reach our goals. Our appreciation is immeasurable.

I believe it was a grand success and many recognition was had on the night! Of course, there are always room for improvement however for a voluntary non-profit organisation to meet our minimal budget we managed to achieve all we wanted and the awards resources are not that cheap!

It is essential to continue DSPY Awards every biennial because it is an opportunity for socialising across different sports and we all know segregation at a young age detrimentally impacts upon young deaf people’s sense of identity and social belonging, as the majority struggle within the hearing world. An increased sense of isolation and perpetual communication barriers, as well as being a widely dispersed community can have a negative impact on deaf people.

Below are the photos at the awards 2022 ceremony and you can share around the world for better recognition to increase our network.

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Anyone who appeared with the standing banner below.

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Photo Credits to Jason Steadman


We hope that you are keen to attend another event for our 8th DSPY2024 on November 2024 and making the event remarkable.

Would love to hear your feedback.

Roll over for DSPY2024!

Have a great summer and we will be in touch for the next awards!


Richard Weinbaum and Jackie Harrison

(DSPY Founders)

Deaf Sports Personality of the Year to help deaf athletes get the recognition they deserve!
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